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Ryszard Badowski and Stefan Reinmann are "Onlyone Project". 

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From guitar lesson to  Christmas earworm "Christmas Dingdong"

Ryszard Badowski is a professional guitar teacher and a great musician. He responds to the wishes of his music students with great empathy and knows exactly how much he can demand and encourage.  His talent: he can bring people's feelings and the expressiveness of music together. Harmony, rhythm, dynamics. Ryszard Badowski brings together the different elements and talents of everyday life, special moments and forces of nature in enchanting and impressive music. 

"Music is my passion. Im so happy to share it with the world!", Ryszard says on his Soundcloud-Site.

Ryszard Badowksi has also composed many small masterpieces of his own. If you want to listen to or buy his sounds and compositions, you can find a small selection on the following website: 

Music from Ryszard Badowski on Bandcamp

The musician, composer, producer and artist Ryszard Badowski plays piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and trombone. 

When one of his guitar students, Stefan Reinmann, had the idea and desire to compose a Christmas song with his teacher, the Modern and very special Christmas song "Christmas Dingdong" was born.

Since even a project band needs a band name, Ryszard Badowski and Stefan Reinmann agreed on the band name "Onlyone Project". A project with christmas bells that resulted in a wonderful ding dong Christmas song: Christmas Dingdong.

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